Epix Is The Latest TV Holdout To Launch A Streaming Video Service

By Gavin

Epix is the latest TV holdout to launch a streaming video service, which also turns podcasts into documentary series. Epix has always been one of the more conservative channels in the TV industry.

HBO, Showtime, and other premium services launched their streaming services. Some time ago, Epix insisted that you subscribe to a TV package to experience the services it now launched. But it's ready to take on the traditional MGM Grand, which has just launched a $6 Epix Now service.


Epix 4K Video Service

Provide live channels on all four networks, as well as pennyworth and thousands of movies based on sites like Berlin Station. This is after 2019, you can look forward to 4K video.

When Amazon's Fire TV and Roku support is coming, you can watch it immediately with Apple TV, Android and IOS. Epix's price service is low enough to attract every user who loves streaming media. In particular, if you're a recent cable enthusiast and don't want to subscribe to multichannel services like sLing TV or Playstation, he says it may not be for you.

Everyone, like other single network products, has the potential to become a service. It's too much for viewers who feel they need to subscribe many times to keep up with the streaming World.


Now it is 2021, after a period of strategic adjustment, Epix has quickly dared to go to the mainstream American media sales mode. It is not very expensive to see the price alone.

I think we can all accept it. And Epix has always been providing high-quality films to customers. And I think it's been adjusting the way customers subscribe, which is very good. We can let the users who like streaming media have an open and diversified choice. Hope that Epix will develop better and better in the future.