Epix App Review

By Gavin

This review is on an app that you can get on your ps3, you can get it on your Xbox 360, and I wanted to do this review to show you how great this Epix that you can get. This review is for all those of you who are looking for movies to watch on your game console, your PlayStation 3, possibly your ps4 in the future, and/or your Xbox one. If you have an Xbox 360 currently, now you can get the Epix app, so I'm going to go ahead and get started with my review on Epix right now.

Starting off, I just want to say this Epix is an Epic feel, it's an epic feel immediately when you go to this app, you think, oh, my gosh, the name of the app is epics, how can I go wrong? How can I possibly go wrong? First of all, let me answer that question you went wrong, when you download at the App, number one, number two, when you go into the app, you think I'm going to go in here, and because the name of this app is epics, I'm going to find the most incredible sensational movies. Epics, that's the name of it, you have to find something in there better than Netflix because it's epics. Netflix can have everything right, wrong, I'm here to tell you that if you don't have Netflix get it. If you don't, if you've never had Netflix get it. 

Because while they may not have all of the movies on Netflix, they've got the majority of the movies on Netflix, Epix is just what it is an epic feel you go looking for movies you barely find any. I'm not going to name, some of the movies that they're using to lead off some of their big movies genre or genres, but I will say some of the movies are okay. 

But I guarantee the movies that they have leading off their lineup you've seen more than a dozen times already and you don't want to see them anymore, the rest of the movies that they have for you to see whether it's in comedy romance, whatever, you either haven't ever heard of them, haven't seen them, wouldn't want to see him. I'm sure if I sent you enough money you send the money back, and say this is not enough, I don't want to watch it, whatever, it is that. They're playing, it's garbage, I cannot believe that I downloaded this app.

I am warning any of you who own an Xbox 360 console or ps3 console or whatever console you decide to own in the future, don't download this app. It's just a waste of your hard drive space, it's a waste of time, and I want to say this to the people. And Epix works harder and getting movies that people who enjoy watching, movies actually want to watch, and if you're going to get Classic Movies which I see you like to do, get the classics people like to watch, there is nothing epic about.